3rd Transnational Meeting in Romania

Third Transnational meeting took place between 07th -11th of March 2022 in Pitești, Romania. The main goals of this meeting were:

  • To discuss the work plan and to see the working progress of partners concerning video lessons.
  • To determine the design of the e-platform to be created about distance mathematics education for the deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
  • To determine the innovative ways and methods to be used for the creation of the e-platform.
  • To discuss the activity and evaluation parts of the lessons.

First Day

We discussed about work plan, what are the main goals and task of this mobility, and we made a short presentations of working progress of each partner. In the afternoon we attended a workshop at Golești Museum and learned about the symbol of the Romanian traditional Mărțișor.

Starting the 3rd Transnation meeting in Pitești, Romania

Second Day

We ended the presentation of teams progress and summary of it, and talked about the management project (state of project, interim report, timesheets, etc.). We had the opportunity to have a first look at the future platform that will host the mathematics lessons, the work of our Lithuanian partner Robotikos School, based in Moodle.

To close the day, in the evening, we had the traditional dinner.

Traditional dinner of the MATH Project team

Third Day

We had a session of how to make our lessons attractive, innovative and interesting, a theoretical teaching session lead by teacher from Lithuania of how to be an engaging teacher, and practical tasks about it.

Fourth Day

Our Italian partner leaded a Powtoon teaching session, which will be used to design the video animations that will serve as background for the lessons. Of course, we could not leave the city of Pitești without visiting some of its most emblematic places.

We were there: Statue of Mircea the Elder, in Pitești