4th Transnational Meeting in Slovenia


Starting the 4th Transnational Meeting in Maribor, Slovenia

Fourth Transnational meeting took place between 13th - 17th of June 2022 in Maribor, Slovenia. The main goals of this meeting were:

  • Discussion on the project progress and the current status.
  • Evaluation of the e-platform to be created for distance mathematics education for hearing-impaired students.
  • Evaluation of the e-platform.
  • Evaluation of the mobility questionnaire for the previous transnational meeting.
  • Creation of the draft plan of the teacher's guidebook.

First Day

On the first day of the meeting, we did our usual follow-up work on the project and our partner from Lithuania presented the first progress on the e-platform, which is now available at the link math.gaminu.eu

Also, we did a review of the status of lesson development by each of the partners. We ended the day with a guided tour of the city of Maribor, where we discovered that this city holds a great treasure: the oldest vineyard in the world, 400 years old.

Our guide led us to the oldest recorded vineyard in the world: 400 years old

Second & Third Day

At the third meeting, in Romania (post here), we decided to use two very popular tools for the development of our activities that will complement the math lessons: H5P and Worlwall. So on Tuesday and Wednesday we were immersed in very productive sessions of presentation by the Lithuanian and Turkish team, and working in workshops.

H5P is a free and open-source content collaboration framework based on JavaScript, often used in e-learning environments, and integrates very well with Moodle, WordPress, Blackboard and websites, among others. It has more than 50 types of activities and is easy to develop activities with a very smooth learning curve. You can try some of its activities here: h5p.org/content-types-and-applications

On the other hand, WorldWall can be used to create both interactive and printable activities. If you register, you have access to the community, with a large number of activities already developed that can be reused in most cases. We found that Wordwall has many math activities, which makes it easy for us to adapt it to our purposes. Check it here: wordwall.net

The wonderful MATH project team in front of the famous Kojak monument in Maribor (Kojak is the name by which the inhabitants of Maribor know the National Liberation Monument)

Fourth Day

Thursday was an intense day, as we worked on multiple topics: draft plan of teacher's guidebook, budget management and implementation of the following project activities. As usual, we had our group dinner where we were able to relax and deepen our bonds. It is important to remember that the members of the MATH project team come from seven different countries, with our enriching cultures and backgrounds, so these dinners allow us to get to know each other and work better.

Traditional dinner of the MATH project team

Fith Day

On the last day of the meeting in Slovenia, we had the opportunity to visit the Center of Hearing and Speech (Center za Sluh in Govor Maribor), where its director gave us a presentation of the work of the center and a tour of its facilities.

Tour of the Center of Hearing and Speech (Center za Sluh in Govor Maribor), with its director (in the center of the photo)

Distribution of attendance certificates