6th Transnational Meeting in Spain

The entire MATH project team at the ONCE Foundation's Por Talento Digital headquarters

Sixth Transnational meeting took place between 23th - 27th of January 2023 in Madrid, Spain. The main aim of this meeting was sharing feedback about the Teacher's Guidebook and making improvement studies.

First Day

On the first day of the meeting, the host organization's representative, Emilio Ferreiro Lago, welcomed the partners and shared the plan. The Vice-President of the CNSE, Marta Muñoz, welcomed the project team and the General Secretary of the ONCE Foundation, Virginia Carcedo, who kindly provided us facilities, introduced the institution. After that, Mehmet İnceçam from Ahmet Yesevi Primary School for Deaf & Hard-of-hearing presented the updates on what's missing and what's there about the e-platform.

All partners shared feedback on the Teacher's Guide Book, and Daiga Ramata from Valmieras Gaujas Krasta Vidusskola provided information on the preliminary results of the user tests. She gave interesting examples of children's reactions to cultural differences.

Welcome to the project MATH team by Marta Muñoz (CNSE, right) and presentation of the institution by Virgina Carcedo (ONCE Foundation, left)

Second Day

On the second day of the meeting, we visited the Ponce de León School from Montemadrid Foundation. The Headmistress and the Chief of Studies of the institution gave us information about the departments of the organization and the work carried out in these departments. We were really well-informed and inspired.

After lunch, we had a session about the weaknesses of the teacher's guidebook and what we can do to strengthen it. In the last session of the day, CNSE Foundation gave a workshop on International Sign (second part of the workshop started in Italy, see here). There were practices fingerspelling and simple daily expressions. The session was interactive and fun.

Visit to the Ponce de León School

Third Day

On the third day, the Romanian team shared information about the project paper and a tour of the city was organized, led by a deaf person with a degree in Art History. This tour focused on Madrid's famous Golden Triangle of Art (Prado Museum, Reina Sofía National Art Center, and Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum). Information about famous Spanish artists was given. The tour ended at the Royal Palace of Madrid.

International Sign workshop

Fourth Day

On the fourth day of the meeting, we visited the CNSE Foundation. Brief information about organizations such as CNSE (Spanish Confederation of the Deaf), ONCE, Centre for the Language Normalization of the Spanish Sign Language (CNLSE), and CESyA was also given by the institution officials. It highlighted the services provided to the deaf, hard of hearing, blind, and deafblind and the work carried out to protect and promote the rights of these individuals.

In the second session, Florian Gallo from Istituto dei Sordi di Torino, evaluated the dissemination activities and partners' sharing and interactions were briefly analyzed. Ending the day, we had our group dinner in the evening, at Los Galayos Restaurant where we could relax and deepen our bonds.

Visit to the CNSE Foundation

Fifth Day

On the final day of the meeting, the survey results of the previous mobilization (Italy) were presented by Mehmet Incecam. Survey results were evaluated. Previously proposed possible dates for Turkey mobilization were voted on. It was decided to hold the mobility between May 8-12.

Finally, we wrote the meeting minutes and ended with closing remarks and a certificate ceremony. 

Certificate ceremony

See you in the next post!