5th Transnational Meeting in Italy


The director of the Institute for the Deaf in Torino, Enrico Dolza (standing in the centre), welcomes the MATH project team

Fifth Transnational meeting took place between 4th - 9th of September 2022 in Torino, Italy. The main aim of this meeting was creating the content of the teacher's guidebook for distance mathematics teaching of deaf and hard of hearing students.

First Day

On the first day of the meeting, the host organization's representative, Florian Gallo, welcomed the partners and shared the plan. The director of the institution introduced the institution. After that, the draft plan of the Teachers Guidebook was shared by Bülent DURU, the representative of the leading organization, Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Education.

After the sessions, we took a guided tour of the city of Turin, where we discovered the city's old buildings and tasted local flavors.

Guided tour of the city of Torino. Sign language interpreters were present throughout the tour. From left to right: Florian Gallo (Istituto dei Sordi di Torino), Mindaugas Dagys (VsI Robotikos Mokykla), Giorgia Suriano (guide, Instituto dei Sordi di Torino), and Anuska Caneda (sign language interpreter, CNSE Foundation)

Second Day

On the second day of the meeting, we had a session for reviewing the e-platform. Each partner presented their work progress on the platform, and we discussed how to improve the quality of the e-platform. Mehmet İnceçam from Ahmet Yesevi Primary School for Deaf & Hard-of-hearing presented the updates on what's missing and what's there about the e-platform.

The web designer of our e-platform, Ignas, from the School of Robotics in Vilnius, made a presentation on how to use the e-platform and presented the updates on the website.

We learned some basic signs in International Signs in the afternoon session. The session was interactive, and the partners learned basic signs of the topics, such as days, colors, numbers, greetings, etc.

International Signs session with Nicola Della Maggiora (Istituto dei Sordi di Torino)

Third Day

We worked on the Glossary of the Teacher Guidebook. We decided on the common and essential words together and made a final list of a sign language dictionary for teachers, which will be a part of the teachers' guidebook.

After defining the glossary list, we continued working on the Teachers' Gudiebook draft. As the leading organization, the Eskişehir Provincial Directorate of Education proposed the draft plan. After the work process, the task distribution and the final version of the draft were decided.

The MATH project team working in a working session on the Teachers' Gudiebook

On the same day, we visited GAM (Modern Art Gallery) and took a guided tour for accessibility resources. GAM Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea GAM Turin, with its collection of over 50,000 works, including paintings, sculptures, works on paper, installations, videos, and photographs, offer its visitors art ranging from the 1800s to today by artists like Pellizza da Volpedo, Medardo Rosso, Marc Chagall, Andy Warhol, and many others. Besides the collections, it hosts significant exhibitions on Italian and international artists and contemporary research. https://www.gamtorino.it  

The Modern Art Gallery in Torino is is fully accessible for people with disabilities. Deaf people can watch videos in Italian Sign Language (LIS) of the most important works in the gallery (as in this video)

We had our group dinner in the evening, where we could relax and deepen our bonds. It is important to remember that the members of the MATH project team come from seven different countries with enriching cultures and backgrounds, so these dinners allow us to get to know each other and work better.

Visit of the MATH project team to the Modern Art Gallery of Torino (GAM), fully accessible for people with disabilities

Fourth Day

On the fourth day of the meeting, we visited the "Giardino dei Sensi" daily care center and did a cooking activity. We joined the cooking class for deaf and hard of hearing people and cooked "Grissini" with them. That was a very nice social activity both for them and for us. In the afternoon session, we completed the mobility quality assurance survey.

Supporting the cooking activity in the "Giardino dei Sensi" by the MATH project team

Fifth Day

On the final day of the meeting, we made a last review of the platform and the teachers' guidebook draft. Finally, we wrote the meeting minutes and ended with closing remarks and a certificate ceremony.

Distribution of attendance certificates

See you in the next post!