1st Transnational Meeting in Latvia


Presentation by the project coordinator, Dr. Davut Atış, on the first day of the meeting held at the Valmiera Gauja Coast Secondary School

The first transnational project meeting of the MATH project took place between 13 and 15 September 2021 in Valmiera, Latvia. The meeting was planned and organised by the host organization Valmieras Gaujas Krasta Vidusskola (Valmiera Gauja Coast Secondary School).

Because of some restrictions on the Covid-19 pandemic in their countries, INUK Institut (Slovenia) and The University of Piteşti (Romania) couldn't attend the meeting face to face. They joined the meeting via the Zoom application instead. So, it was blended mobility.

First Day

On the first day of the mobility, 13th September 2021, each partner institution (both face-to-face and online) introduced themselves and mentioned the distance education activities they implemented during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The wonderful Valmiera Gauja Coast Secondary School, where the meeting took place. Some of our colleagues walking towards the school entrance

Second Day

On the second day of the mobility, 14th September 2021, the partner organizations continued their presentations. When the introduction of the partner organizations was finished, we discussed the tasks and responsibilities of the partner institutions. The dissemination plan was also made clear. The preparations and risks of the mobilities were discussed.

After lunchtime, a meeting with creators of an innovative digital tool for students with different disabilities was organized. A Virtual Reality application was presented, and some experts introduced some examples for classroom use.

Presentantion of a Virtual Reality application for students with different dissabilities

After this session, we visited the city of Cesis. We took a short tour of Cēsis Castle and the museum. Finally, we did a workshop in the museum.

The beautiful Cēsis Castle, one of the most iconic and best preserved medieval castles in Latvia

Third Day

On the third day of the mobility, 15th September 2021, we wrote the meeting minutes. The project coordinator surveyed the quality of the mobility. According to the results of this survey, some measures will be taken for the following mobilities.

We took a guided tour of the preschool of special education needs in the afternoon session. The preschool facilities were introduced, and the host organization's questions were answered. In the final session, certificates of attendance were distributed, and the closing speeches were made. 

Final distribution of attendance certificates